Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good Golly Graphics Military decal of choice

Good Golly Graphics Donation item description: Military themed decal of choice from those pictured. Shipping amount $2.00 Retail value: $10.00

Good Golly Graphics Family decal

Good Golly Graphics Donation item description: Family decal of choice. Shipping amount $2.00 Retail value: $12.00

Good Golly Graphics Toilet Targets

Good Golly Graphics Taking Aim Toilet Targets. Potty training and aim targets for males OF ALL AGES. Apply them to the inside of your toilet bowl as you would a sticker and forget about the mess that's usually on the outside of the bowl! Winner will be able to choose design. Shipping amount: $2.00 Retail value $9.00

Katrina Mertz Independent Beachbody Coach

Katrina Mertz Independent Beachbody Coach Donation item description: Hip hop abs Dance your way to hot, sexy abs. If you love to dance and you want to lose weight and tighten your midsection without doing sit-ups or crunches, Shaun T can show you how. Shaun uses a technique called “Tilt, Tuck & Tighten” to help you burn fat as you dance your way to six-pack abs. In Hip Hop Abs®, Shaun breaks the dance moves down into steps, so almost anyone can do them. And the workouts are set to hot dance music, so they're high energy and fun. Shipping: $5.00 Retail Value: $19.95

Sweet Wonders Boutique

Sweet Wonders Boutique Donation item description: Two items : 5" Red ribbon flower with rhinestones, black lace and red feathers attached to a back headband. / 3" White and black polka dot flower clip with black marabou feathers. Shipping amount: FREE Retail value: $16.00

Skinny Schmidty

SKINNY SCHMIDTY Donation item description: Ultimate Skinny Wrap Shipping amount: FREE to USA Retail value $30.00

Pure Romance by Kelly

Pure Romance By Kelly Donation item description: Winner will get the choice any one item pictured. Shipping amount $6.00 USA Retail value $15-28.00

Little Bren's Wreaths

Little Brens Wreaths Donation item description: $10.00 off a custom wreath Shipping amount: Approximate $15.00-$25.00 (Varies upon destination) Wreaths vary in price from $45.00 on up. Item pictured is $85.00. Retail value of giveaway: $10.00 off purchase.

Wickless Scent Sprinkles

Wickless Scent Sprinkles Donation item description: Sprinkle Scent Sampler Goodie Bag' containing a yummy variety pack of our Scent SPRINKLES!!! Melt your favorite candle...or mix-n-match them to make your own! (scents/goodie bags will vary) Shipping amount: Free Retail value $20.00

The Twisted Ribbon

The Twisted Ribbon Donation item description: Your choice of 7 mini solid color hair korkers. 2.5-3 inches in diameter, attached to a single pronged, semi lined, alligator clip. The grosgrain ribbon is heat sealed. Shipping amount:1st class varies, priority is $5.80 they can pick. Retail value:$21.00

Circle of Joy Charms

Circle of Joy Charms $10.00 Gift Certificate towards any purchased item. Shipping amount $2.99

Amanda's Handmade Hats & Accessories

Amanda's Handmade Hats & Accessories Donation item description: Crocheted sleepy owl hat. Available in any color or size. Shipping amount: Free Retail value: $12.50

Just Hangin A Round

Just Hangin A Round Donation item description: Military wreath (any branch) OR spring tulle wreath of any color! Winner chooses! Shipping amount: $20.00 Retail value: $40-$45.00

Creations by Marylynn

Creations by Marylynn Donation item description: A beautiful blue and black rosary! Shipping amount $9.00 Retail value $15.00

Adorable Creations by Kim

Adorable Creations by Kim Donation item description: 6 Cheetah Bows Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value: $15.00

Tastefully Simple by Stephanie Pierce

Tastefully Simple -Stephanie Pierce Donation item description: Bountiful Beer Bread - just had beer! Absolutely Almond Pound Cake - just add butter and water! Shipping amount $6.99 Retail value $12.99

Carol's Custom Jewelry

Carol's Custom Jewelry Donation item description: Pendant - Turquoise with Carnelian on copper bail. Shipping amount $2.50 Retail value $17.00

Gaboo Baby

Gaboo Baby Donation Item Description: Enter for your chance to win a fabulous shopping spree at, specializing in couture accessories & apparel for Girls & BOYS of all ages. Shipping Amount: $0 Retail Value: $20.00

Simple Creations by Tiffany

Simple Creations by Tiffany Donation item description: Pink pearl bracelet with dogtag and "Love" charms. Toggle Clasp. Shipping amount: $3.00 Retail value: $10.00

Unstoppable Mommy

Unstoppable Mommy Donation item description: Winner will receive a FREE Sample Trial of A.C.E - FREE shipping also included! Control hunger pains, cravings and unwanted snacking; plus provide smooth clean energy to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals! Retail value: $15.00

Precise Elegance

Precise Elegance Donation item description: Turqouise fish-hook post earrings with metal and rhinestone accent pieces! Shipping amount $2.00 Retail value $12.00

Kali's Kreations

Kali's Kreations Donation item description: $10 gift certificate towards any custom hat order Shipping amount $3.00 for one hat Retail value $10.00

Destini's Paracord-Creations

Destini's Paracord-Creations Donation item description: Custom Sports Paracord Bracelet (choice of team, any size) Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $12.00

Stone Creek Photos and Bracelets

Stone Creek Photos and Bracelets Donation item description: Navy themed chain necklace, beaded with three charms - this is a new design but it does not look cluttered when it hangs. The chain is 20 inches Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $15.00

Love Bugs

Love Bugs Donation item description: Tutus dress! Winner can choose colors max of 3 :) Shipping amount $7.00 Retail value $30.00

The Essentials of Life with IPC Marisa Fields

The Essentials of Life with IPC Marisa Fields Donation item description: $15.00 doTerra gift certificate to be used only through IPC Marisa Fields. Gift certificate can be applied to shipping at time of use. Expires 12/31/13. Shipping amount: Varies, based on items purchased and location. Gift certificate will be electronically sent. Retail value $15.00

Hanna's Custom Creations

Hanna's Custom Creations Donation item description: 1 custom tutu and bow set size up to 5t (bear is just my model since I have boys) Shipping amount $5.00 Retail value $20.00

Creative Blessings

Creative Blessings Donation item description: Peasant Dress size Newborn (0-3 months) removable bow Shipping amount $5.00 Retail value $15.00

Paracord Bracelets and more

Paracord Bracelets and more Donation item description: Heart shaped rear view mirror hanger with your choice of charm. also choose 2 colors. Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $15.00

Eclectic Pretties

Eclectic Pretties Donation item description: Harvest Moon Tree of Life Hand wrapped wire pendant comes on an 18" silver chain. Shipping amount: free to US $5 everywhere else Retail value: $18.00

Peace Love & Bath Products

Peace Love & Bath Products Donation item description: $10 Store credit to my shop Shipping amount: Free Retail value $10.00

Free Bird Boutique

Free Bird Boutique Donation item description: Trial pack of Ace with Free shipping :) Shipping amount: Free Retail value $16.00

Shell's Homebaked Jars

Shellys Homebaked Jars Donation item description: Four pint size "cake in a jar" or "cookies in jar" of your choosing! we have a wide verity for you to choose from! Shipping: $7.00 Retail value: $18.00

Creations by Kat

Creations by Kat Donation item description: $10 credit to Creations by Kat Shipping amount: n/a Retail value $10.00

Circle of Love Wreaths

Circle of Love Wreaths Donation item description: Birth Announcement Blocks Shipping amount $8.00 Retail value $25.00


Katie~did~it Donation item description: Pastel yoyo bling headband Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $10.00

Pink Siren Designs

Pink Siren Designs Donation item description: $25 coupon code to Shipping amount: Free in US Retail value $25.00

Love and Stripes Wreaths

Love and Stripes Wreaths Donation item description: $10 gift certificate good on any order Shipping amount: n/a Retail value $10

Nestled with Love

Nestled with Love Donation item description: Puzzle Pieces made of aluminum or stainless steel. Both hypoallergenic. Choice of wording, two keychains one for you and one for your love. Shipping amount $3.50 Retail value $25.00

Glam Star Bowtique

Glam Star Bowtique Donation item description: $25 Gift Certificate Shipping amount $0 Retail value $25.00

Kennabelle Designs

Kennabelle Designs Donation item description: I will always love you - Aluminum Swirl necklace with a red Swarovski Crystal Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $17.00

Never Forget Candles

Never Forget Candles Donation item description: Hand-painted glass candle design of your choice. Visit either my facebook page or website to see available candle designs and styles available to choose from. Glass candle holders are hand-washable and top-shelf dishwasher safe, and designed to last a lifetime. Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $14.99-19.99

Savvy Avy Scents

Savvy Avy Scents Donation item description: 2 -3.75oz jars of sprinkles (Scent of choice) Sprinkles are made in America of our premium Soft Soy® wax and high quality fragrance oils, which are blended together at super concentrated levels to deliver up to 50% more fragrance than average candles. Designed to give you home fragrance variety at an affordable price, you can decide what you want, how much impact you want, and when you want it. Shipping amount $0.00 Retail value $16.00

Lark & Juniper

lark & juniper Donation item description: Charm of your choice, up to a $10 value Shipping amount $0 Retail value $7-10.00

Jersey Princess Knots

Jersey Princess Knots Donation item description: Small Rice Hot/Cold pad. Winner's choice of in stock fabric. Shipping amount $7.00 Retail value $18.00

Bracelets 4 Boxes

Bracelets 4 Boxes Donation item description: Choice of any one necklace shown Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $15.00

Our Hearts, Intertwined

Our Hearts, Intertwined by Kelsee Meyers Donation item description: 1 Set of matching paracord heart bracelets. Customer chooses colors and will need to give wrist size for both bracelets. Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $16.00

Kissed By A Frog

Kissed By A Frog Etsy shop: Donation item description: $25 Gift Card to the Kissed By A Frog Etsy Shop Shipping amount $0 Retail value $25.00

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Melody & Me

Melody & Me Donation item description: $10 store credit Shipping amount $0 Retail value $10.00

Above All Creations

Above All Creation Donation item description: Large customized compact mirror. Shipping amount $3.00 Retail value $15.00